Best Classic Film Sites

In my opinion, these are the best sites on the web devoted to Old Hollywood and classic film stars, and film in general. Click on the title to take you directly to the site!

IMDB: The Internet Movie Database is the best "go-to" source for fast information on every movie imaginable. A great place to start your online searches.

Turner Classic Movies: Every film fan's paradise channel also has a pretty funky site. And who doesn't love Robert Osborne?

Warner Archive: One of WB's most effective marketing ploys for classic film lovers is the Warner Archive. Full of lesser-known, non-mainstream, or hard-to-find Old Hollywood titles, every classic film fan must traverse the collection to see if their favourite movie they thought wasn't available on DVD actually is!

Simply Classics Forum: One of the best classic Hollywood message boards out there. The picture sub-boards of actresses and actors are a great addition.

Dr. Macro: My favourite source for high-quality pictures of classic film stars! Amazing resolution.

Molly Haskell Homepage: The official site of Molly Haskell, by far my favourite film critic and author. Her groundbreaking feminist critique, "From Reverence to Rape: The Treatment of Women in the Movies" is, in my opinion, one of the greatest books on film ever written. I have had the great fortune to correspond with her through email; she is a humble and incredibly intelligent lady. Every classic film fan should read her work.