Best Fan Sites of Classic Stars

My picks for the best star-specific fan tributes online! Click on the titles to take you directly to the site!

The Judy Room: The best source for Judy Garland fandom. News, discography, pages devoted to specific films, and more!

Gene Kelly Fans: With Kelli Marshall at the helm and lots of Gene fans (including myself) as contributors, this is the best new Gene Kelly site to surface the net. Lots of academic and thought-provoking conversation!

The Gene Scene: The oldest Gene Kelly fan site on the net, and still one of the best. The link to the message board on the site is full of Gene's biggest fans.

Doris Day Official Site: Doris's official site! She even records audio messages for her fans! Keep up to date on the newest Doris releases!

Legs- A Tribute to Cyd Charisse: Bar none, the best Cyd Charisse site on the net. Have fun, musicals fans!

Ultimate Cary Grant Page: If you love Cary Grant, look no further than this site. Everything Cary is right at your fingertips!

Rita Hayworth, The Love Goddess: The best Rita Hayworth page on the web. The webmaster, Cindy De La Hoz, is also an author of three excellent film books on Lucille Ball, Marilyn Monroe, and Lana Turner. 

Esther Williams Official Site: Esther's official site! The site is especially of interest because you can buy the beautiful swimwear, reminiscent of what she wore in her movies, for yourself!

Vera-Ellen Tribute: Sadly, the only webpage currently in existence for this remarkably talented and cruelly underrated dancer.