Sunday, 24 February 2013

Movie Memories: Building a New Audience for Classic Film

Recently on Twitter, I happened upon an amazing initiative. Movie Memories is a non-profit organization dedicated to introducing new audiences to classic film, through film retrospectives, and an amazing school program, dedicated to getting youth involved in the discovery of classic film.

Headed by Maria Ciaccia, a film historian responsible for hosting programs in partnership with American Cinematheque (2008) in Los Angeles at the Egyptian Theatre and the Dryden Theatre (2006) in Rochester, New York, this is sure to be an organization that is well-researched and full of passion and drive. Ciaccia is also the author of many books on film. I have had the pleasure of communicating to her via email and she is very passionate about making this program succeed!

The Film Retrospectives branch of the organization is committed to getting movie theatres agree to host a compilation of films about a specific film figure: right now, the focus is on actor Tyrone Power's centenary.

The School Programs facet will strive to expose youth to the art and beauty that was The Golden Age of Hollywood. I work part-time for the Toronto-based Reel Canada Film Festival, an organization dedicated to exposing high school students to Canadian-made film. I have seen first-hand the benefit this program has on eager high school students, in expanding their film vocabulary and getting them to appreciate film they may not have otherwise seen. To me, Movie Memories serves the same purpose, in getting students' minds opened up to a whole other world of film that came before them, but is still so relevant as it is the foundation on which current films are based.

Since Movie Memories is a new initiative, the organization is launching an online fundraising campaign through Indiegogo. The link to Movie Memories' fundraising page can be found here. I urge you, as classic film fans and appreciators of Old Hollywood, to support Movie Memories' amazing endeavour to garner a new audience for classic movies. I believe that we, as the eternal fans of great cinema, have a responsibility to preserve this film legacy in any way possible!

Donate today, and help an amazing organization get off the ground for all of us to enjoy! You may also contact Maria on the contact page of the Movie Memories website to get more information about her goals and what she is striving for!

Thanks for reading, and let's work together to make Movie Memories happen!!

Tyrone Power and Kim Novak in The Eddy Duchin Story (1956)