Sunday, 25 September 2011

Judy and Mickey tribute!

The never-let-up spirit of Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney's backstage musical classics hasn't diminished. Mickey just celebrated his 91st birthday! A living legend if there ever was one. So, a tribute for Mickey and Judy is certainly in store and timely.

From 1937-1948, Judy and Mickey made a staggering nine movies together. Judy as the supposed ugly duckling (how anyone ever perceived her as such is beyond me, especially when you look at the picture posted above... a knockout and one-of-a-kind beauty if there ever was one) with the golden voice that was the selling point of each show, and Mickey the young man about town with the grand, Broadway-scale ideas. The result was movie magic. And so, today, I leave you with of my favourite clips of the grand duo, thanks to the magic of youtube!

Babes on Broadway is probably my favourite backstage musical from the duo. Judy is a stunning young woman, gets more respect from Mickey than earlier films up to this point, and they share this understated and lovely duet in an apartment. Shows you they didn't need those elaborate Busby Berkeley production numbers to pull off a number! Here's "How About You?" from the beginning of the film.

My favourite early Mickey-Judy moment, here's the classic "Good Morning" from Babes in Arms:

The end of the Mickey-Judy black and white era was 1943's Girl Crazy, and what a delightful role reversal of their regular characters! Judy is the one being pursued by Mickey, and Mickey is pining after Judy's beautiful mail girl at Cody College. Their humourous first number, with Judy taking no interest in Mickey's character, is one of my fave Mickey-Judy moments.

The Judy-Mickey swan song five years later proves the magic wasn't gone. Here they are, Mickey as composer Lorenz Hart and Judy playing herself. "I Wish I Were In Love Again."

I leave you with clips from Judy Garland's TV show in 1963, where they reunited for the first episode that aired. Proof that chemistry like theirs never dies. They even poke fun at their early musicals and the characters. Charming and nostalgic. Enjoy!


  1. 'Could You Use Me?' is just my favourite Judy/Mickey song ever. Even without watching the video and just listening to the song, you can hear the chemistry in every note.

  2. I love that number so much too. It's so true, their characters are just so alive even in the recording. Thanks for commenting!